Salzburg qualified Tour Guides
Salzburg qualified Tour Guides

So many things to do and see in Salzburg

How about a guided Citytour in Salzburg and to the beautiful surroundings?

Just have a look! Our tours will give you a view of things you should not miss when you visit Salzburg. If you need any help or if you have some special wishes, just let us know.


We are experienced city guides. We show and explain sights and monuments in Salzburg, tell you historical anecdotes about Mozart and the Trapp Family and guide you through Salzburg neighbourhoods such as Berchtesgaden or Salzkammergut. Our guided tours are available for different topics.

How about a bike tour through the medieval centre of Salzburg?

Did you know, that Salzburg ist one of Austria‘s most bike friendly cities? Salzburg offers more than 170 km of bike roads. Discover Salzburg and its enchanting surroundings by bike! 

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