Salzburg qualified Tour Guides
Salzburg qualified Tour Guides

City Tours: Top Places to Visit in Salzburg

Highlights of Salzburg

You will be guided in this unique city of rich historical buildings from medieval, gothic and baroque style, but also be deeply impressed of the harmony between those buildings with amazing nature!

We will steep in the time where the prince archbishops had the power of the country. We start at the Mirabell Palace and stroll through the amazing baroque Mirabell Garden. Later we will lead you to Mozarts birthplace, the famous Getreidegasse, the Cathedral and of course the Residence and the Fortress Hohensalzburg.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Salzburg

What would he say, if he would know about the hussel and bussle about his person and his music. I`m quiet sure he would love it. And he would like the most famous original „Mozartkugel“. Along our walk you will see the birthouse of Mozart, his livinghouse and the important station of the family Mozart in Salzburg. If you want, we can finish the tour with a little privat concert and a Mozartkugel tasting. 

Do-Re-Mi ... The Sound of Music

This tour is created for the passionate fans of the film "The Sound of Music". We are sure,  your dream come true because the movie locations will bring you to the most beautiful spots of Salzburg.

Come with us and listen to the stories behind the movie and the real story of Maria and  Baron von Trapp. Watch where Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer stayed when they made the movie in 1965. You will hear a lot of gossips about the life behind the camera and you will watch the movie with a different angel afterwards.

For Salzburg fancier

You think you know everything about Salzburg? We will surprise you. In adition to the baroque beauty there is a lot to explore. We`ll lead you to the secrets and hidden places. Beside the tourist pathways  we will show you unknown squares and monuments with a lot of fun stories from the past to the present.


Tasting Tour

By taking a walk through the historic part of Salzburg we will tell you about the typical eating culture of the past and the present time. Hear everything about our huge coffee culture and taste freshly prepared dishes. We`ll visit selected shops for delicious food tasting and will show you also the most traditional spirituous beverages shop in the old city. 

For beer lovers!

This tour will impress you! Come with us to the most important stations of making and drinking beer. If the locals think of the year 1492 they don´t do it because of „Columbus“ and his discovery of America. No, they think about the oldest privat brevery in austria „Stiegl“. But why did they call the brevery „Stiegl“? Is there any link between the Mirabell Palace and the „Oktoberfest“ in Munich? And do you have to „Jodel“ if you walk through the „Bierjodelgasse“? There are a lot of interesting answers and stories to the topic of beer. All that and of course the taste of the maybe best beer of the world will be sure on this tour.

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